March 21, 2009

Making Curtains

I need the sun, I need to feel the sunshine on my face and in my eyes to wake up and not be depressed. So naturally I just didn't have curtains, they block out part of the sun and when the sun comes in on an angle even blocking a little bit of the window will block a lot of the sunshine!

But one day my mom starts yelling that I need curtains... and that I need privacy... so I think even tho my windows face the wood that she might have gotten word from the neighbors that... well that I’m a boy. lol.

So I made curtains from scratch. The fabric is blood red that came form a satin sheet set (satin sucks to sleep on I much prefer cotton). The rods extend far beyond the opening of the window, so when I push them aside they don't block anything AAAAND they make my room look bigger.
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March 15, 2009

I'm a DAD!

Ok i'm not really a dad but its like i gave birth... wait that doesn't sound right either.

Something was born because of me*

I bought this amazing germinator contraption at home depot. You just keep the bottom filled with water and a special matt keeps the plants with the perfect amount of water.

Some of the first seeds sprouted a little wile ago and i'm super excited for the rest. Even for the alovera seeds that will take 2 months to sprout, i will love all my sprouts.

Haha well i know this isn't art but its something close to it.

Happy Growing Season!
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