July 24, 2009

Its a forest in there!

Well i couldn't move with out my plants, the room would just feel dead. So i hooked up my grow light, a timer, and all my plants!

So i moved all my plants and installed my new grow light!!! Its brand new technology that uses led lights to provide all the plants really need in light with out the heat or expansive amount of energy usually required from old grow lights.

I love putting my plants in glass jars, it lets me see the roots and really get a feel for how fast they are growing. The only thing is i can't put too many kinds of plants in jars because they don't drain but i solved that. I bought a few carbide drill bits and started drilling through glass. Which is a really messy situation.

When you drill you get glass dust every where; the drill bits are shaped like a blunt arrow head so you have to keep changing the size to drill; after you drill one hole you have compromised the structure of the glass and breaking the thing becomes much more likely with the next hole you drill; and you need the the slightest pressure or you will break the thing... only half of the things i drilled through survived...

Next on my to do list is taking apart a humidifier to create a humid area for some plants.
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May 30, 2009


A few months back a woman spoke at my college called Linda Rachichi and she metioned something about making money while you sleep and i took it to heart.

I decieded to put some of the jewelry i've made on this website that sells hand made things. Soon i hope i will have enough ceramic work to sell.

This is the first piece i put on the website.

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May 3, 2009

Graphic Design Project

So one of the students at the ceramic studio works at a hair salon, and one thing led to another and she asked me to make her a poster for the salons new henna hair color service.

I've always fought with my 'art' with graphic design. I used clip art from stock photo websites but the color, placement, and font choice is mine. At this point i'm not convinced i can call things like this 'artwork'. I feel like they belong to another category like 'applied art' and not 'fine art' or 'installation art'.
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New Paltz Here I Come

So I have to announce to every one that i was accepted to both the college and the art department at SUNY New Palt. Another step in my journey as an artist!
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March 21, 2009

Making Curtains

I need the sun, I need to feel the sunshine on my face and in my eyes to wake up and not be depressed. So naturally I just didn't have curtains, they block out part of the sun and when the sun comes in on an angle even blocking a little bit of the window will block a lot of the sunshine!

But one day my mom starts yelling that I need curtains... and that I need privacy... so I think even tho my windows face the wood that she might have gotten word from the neighbors that... well that I’m a boy. lol.

So I made curtains from scratch. The fabric is blood red that came form a satin sheet set (satin sucks to sleep on I much prefer cotton). The rods extend far beyond the opening of the window, so when I push them aside they don't block anything AAAAND they make my room look bigger.
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March 15, 2009

I'm a DAD!

Ok i'm not really a dad but its like i gave birth... wait that doesn't sound right either.

Something was born because of me*

I bought this amazing germinator contraption at home depot. You just keep the bottom filled with water and a special matt keeps the plants with the perfect amount of water.

Some of the first seeds sprouted a little wile ago and i'm super excited for the rest. Even for the alovera seeds that will take 2 months to sprout, i will love all my sprouts.

Haha well i know this isn't art but its something close to it.

Happy Growing Season!
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February 20, 2009

Going for the Gold

Well as of 11:45pm February 20th 2009 i have registered for an in person portfolio review date.

I'm excited and scared. I still have more work to do on my portfolio but i have until the beginning of April to have it perfected.

Hopefully this is one of many steps to my career in the ceramic arts.
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February 18, 2009

Taking It In

Decided to take in a hoodie that was too big for me.

I got this hoodie when i was working at DKNY Jeans and thought it would be my oversized/comfort/favorite hoodie but a problem emerged!

The bottom of the hoodie was too wide and therefore looked awkward on me! So i put it on inside out and asked my mom to put pins in it for me then using chalk i made a smooth line and repinned it.

The result: A hoodie that is form fitted and comfy.
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February 17, 2009

Intern Intern Intern

Today was my first official day of my internship at one of the best ceramic studios in orange county.

This studio is amazing! Normally a ceramic studio will focus in one of three areas:

Retail/Gallery - Selling Item by item at a shop or gallery

Production - Selling pottery in large quantities right now Ray Boswell (The owner/ boss/ professional potter/ business manager/ studio manager/ freelancer/ everything) is making 100+ goblets for a church event

Teaching - Teaching classes on pottery for students

So like i was saying normally a studio will be focused in one of these areas but Ray Boswell manages all three!

Today was a nice first day, i got back into the grove of making pottery and even better i get to be immersed in every thing pottery; everything from watching other people (professionals and armatures alike) make pottery, people talk about pottery, handle pottery, pretty much everything but eating it i guess.
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February 16, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Well i'm too poor to get new shoes and not wastefull enough to thow them out so i decided to reinforce the stitching on my shoes.

It all started when i deceded to go against my nature and buy a pair of nice white shoes. Something i don't normally do because it goes against my subconscious desire to only invest in things that are functional. White shoes got dirty way too fast and they are just a mess to keep clean but because i just looked so good in them i couldn't stop my self.

Soon after i discovered a problem, I liked these shoes way too much. I wore them every day because they match my favorite white feather coat and they are realllly comfey. So as expected they became soiled and i did what i thought was the only way to get them completely clean... put them in the washer.

I did some reasurch and i found a breakdown of how shoes quality compare with price. It turns out you will get about a year for every $75 you spent on a pair of shoes. Ex. Those shoes were $80 so they should only last a year.

Back to the story... when they came out of the washer one of the tongues completely tore off and the stitching on the rim of both were unraveling >>_<<. So i did what only came natural... I pulled out my pliers and sewing kit and went at it.

I'm happy with the final product. They are super reinforced now and i even changed the laces to brown instead of white (it takes emphasis off the minor wear on the white of the shoe)
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