July 24, 2009

Its a forest in there!

Well i couldn't move with out my plants, the room would just feel dead. So i hooked up my grow light, a timer, and all my plants!

So i moved all my plants and installed my new grow light!!! Its brand new technology that uses led lights to provide all the plants really need in light with out the heat or expansive amount of energy usually required from old grow lights.

I love putting my plants in glass jars, it lets me see the roots and really get a feel for how fast they are growing. The only thing is i can't put too many kinds of plants in jars because they don't drain but i solved that. I bought a few carbide drill bits and started drilling through glass. Which is a really messy situation.

When you drill you get glass dust every where; the drill bits are shaped like a blunt arrow head so you have to keep changing the size to drill; after you drill one hole you have compromised the structure of the glass and breaking the thing becomes much more likely with the next hole you drill; and you need the the slightest pressure or you will break the thing... only half of the things i drilled through survived...

Next on my to do list is taking apart a humidifier to create a humid area for some plants.
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