October 13, 2011

Cone six slip casting clay line blend.

I will post the recipes when i get home!

Found this at R&F paints.

This inspires me! It uses a nonfunctional glaze on the bottom two thirds for decoration and allows the vitrified clay to serve the functional requirements.

August 30, 2011

Cone 6 Crystalline Glaze Base

Fa’s #5 (Revised)
Cone 6
Zinc Oxide27.0 %
Ferro Frit 311050.0
Silica (325 mesh)14.0
100.0 %
Add: Titanium Dioxide2.0 %

Glaze was on cone 10 porcelain tiles.

Kiln Program

  • Increase temperature 350°F per hour to 700°F

  • Increase temperature 750°F per hour to 2000°F

  • Increase temperature 150°F per hour to 2210°F (this puts cone 6 over, cone 7 at 1 o’clock position)

  • Hold at 2210ºF for 10 minutes

  • Cool down 750°F per hour to 2000°F, hold for 1 hour

  • Cool down 750°F per hour to 1900°F, hold for 3 hours

  • Kiln off, vent off, total firing 9–9½ hours

  • Glaze #1 Base

     Glaze #2 Red Iron Oxide 3.5%
     Glaze #3 Cobalt Carbonate 1%
     Glaze #4 Barium Carbonate 8%
     Glaze #4 (Detail)
     Glaze #5
    Copper Carbonate 4%
    Cobalt Carbonate .25%
     Glaze #5 (Same Glaze)
     Glaze #5 (Detail)

    *Glaze application was not thick enough (painted on with three coats)
    *Glaze #4 with barium carbonate produced the most crystals, possible because of its lower melting temperature
    *Glaze #5 produced two distinct colors because of its placement in the kiln

    April 23, 2011

    This is what i did with some of the bird

    This is what i did with some of the birds

    April 1, 2011

    Diamond Ring and Display

    In my Crafting the Virtual Space class i created 'diamond rings' and a ring display on the computer using Rhino3D and had them made real using the laser cutter on campus. They are now being sold at at the store i work at ^_^ www.cocoonathome.com