September 27, 2011

White clay body recipe testing


  1. Are these all unglazed? Which one did you end up liking the best, I think I might do this test as well! Thanks!

    ---Alexander Moore

  2. Dear Alexander,

    Yes they are all unglazed.

    I main reason i tried these recipes was to research a true white clay body that would not be affect by the reduction of a cone 10 kiln.

    I actually didn't like any of them very much. Of the four tests i found the parian porc. and the bone porc. to be the most successful but each had its own problems. The parian porc was mediocre to work with and still produced a blueish tint from the reduction firing i was trying to stay away from. The bone porc although produced a white free of any yellow or blue tints was extremely short to work with because of its low clay content and produced a spraypaint-like matt appearance.

    How this helps! Let me know if i can be of any more assistance!!!