May 30, 2009

A few months back a woman spoke at my college called Linda Rachichi and she metioned something about making money while you sleep and i took it to heart.

I decieded to put some of the jewelry i've made on this website that sells hand made things. Soon i hope i will have enough ceramic work to sell.

This is the first piece i put on the website.

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May 3, 2009

Graphic Design Project

So one of the students at the ceramic studio works at a hair salon, and one thing led to another and she asked me to make her a poster for the salons new henna hair color service.

I've always fought with my 'art' with graphic design. I used clip art from stock photo websites but the color, placement, and font choice is mine. At this point i'm not convinced i can call things like this 'artwork'. I feel like they belong to another category like 'applied art' and not 'fine art' or 'installation art'.
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New Paltz Here I Come

So I have to announce to every one that i was accepted to both the college and the art department at SUNY New Palt. Another step in my journey as an artist!
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