August 3, 2010

Ceramics = Baking

If ceramics doesn't work out for me i'm going to be a baker, thats just how it is.

So i love baking and i firmly believe that baking is not like cooking. Cooking you can make a sauce with whats simply laying around; a can of tomato paste, a garlic clove or two, dash or three of oregano, and poof! you have an awesome sauce. Now if you were to do that in baking... you'd end up with any from a rock like loaf, soggy pie, rubbery bread, or crass tart.

Simply baking is a science. And recipes are key and i only trust a handful chefs.

America's Test Kitchen: They have a few published books including Baking Illustrated and a pay for website. All of their recipes are tested hundred of times and includes forwards that explain what resulted when they added more or less flour in a cake or the effect of milk vs cream. All very good tasting recipes.

Alton Brown: Any one who has watched Food Network knows this guy and i trust him. His take on baking is similar to my own, very scientific. He explains the interactions of ingredients, heat, and preparation wile putting it in layman terms. His recipes are perfect but i consider them more of a base to work from.

Martha Stewart: I love Martha Stewart.