February 20, 2009

Going for the Gold

Well as of 11:45pm February 20th 2009 i have registered for an in person portfolio review date.

I'm excited and scared. I still have more work to do on my portfolio but i have until the beginning of April to have it perfected.

Hopefully this is one of many steps to my career in the ceramic arts.
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February 18, 2009

Taking It In

Decided to take in a hoodie that was too big for me.

I got this hoodie when i was working at DKNY Jeans and thought it would be my oversized/comfort/favorite hoodie but a problem emerged!

The bottom of the hoodie was too wide and therefore looked awkward on me! So i put it on inside out and asked my mom to put pins in it for me then using chalk i made a smooth line and repinned it.

The result: A hoodie that is form fitted and comfy.
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February 17, 2009

Intern Intern Intern

Today was my first official day of my internship at one of the best ceramic studios in orange county.

This studio is amazing! Normally a ceramic studio will focus in one of three areas:

Retail/Gallery - Selling Item by item at a shop or gallery

Production - Selling pottery in large quantities right now Ray Boswell (The owner/ boss/ professional potter/ business manager/ studio manager/ freelancer/ everything) is making 100+ goblets for a church event

Teaching - Teaching classes on pottery for students

So like i was saying normally a studio will be focused in one of these areas but Ray Boswell manages all three!

Today was a nice first day, i got back into the grove of making pottery and even better i get to be immersed in every thing pottery; everything from watching other people (professionals and armatures alike) make pottery, people talk about pottery, handle pottery, pretty much everything but eating it i guess.
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February 16, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Well i'm too poor to get new shoes and not wastefull enough to thow them out so i decided to reinforce the stitching on my shoes.

It all started when i deceded to go against my nature and buy a pair of nice white shoes. Something i don't normally do because it goes against my subconscious desire to only invest in things that are functional. White shoes got dirty way too fast and they are just a mess to keep clean but because i just looked so good in them i couldn't stop my self.

Soon after i discovered a problem, I liked these shoes way too much. I wore them every day because they match my favorite white feather coat and they are realllly comfey. So as expected they became soiled and i did what i thought was the only way to get them completely clean... put them in the washer.

I did some reasurch and i found a breakdown of how shoes quality compare with price. It turns out you will get about a year for every $75 you spent on a pair of shoes. Ex. Those shoes were $80 so they should only last a year.

Back to the story... when they came out of the washer one of the tongues completely tore off and the stitching on the rim of both were unraveling >>_<<. So i did what only came natural... I pulled out my pliers and sewing kit and went at it.

I'm happy with the final product. They are super reinforced now and i even changed the laces to brown instead of white (it takes emphasis off the minor wear on the white of the shoe)
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